Windows Migration

Migrating to Windows 10? We have many expertise, experience and tools available to make your project run smoothly.

User Confirmation Tool

Our User Survey app is the missing link in your migration strategy. Born out of migrations from Windows XP to Windows 7, the User Confirmation Tool will analyse the current state of installed applications on any given machine and pop up a dialog in front of the user to confirm if they are a primary user of the device. From there, the tool will then ask the user to select the installed applications on the machine, and if they use them. Finally, a user is asked to supply information about any peripheral devices they may have.

Once complete, the data is saved centrally on a network share so it can be analysed by the project team to build a list of commonly used applications.

Recent projects have used this tool to successfully remove over 1,000 unknown applications from the managed desktop, which ensures a smoother migration overall, with reduced administrative overhead.

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